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Arianne hosts and co-produces the Girl Gang Cabarets which takes place at The Painted Lady, Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, and The Gladstone Hotel. This variety show features female, queer and non-binary performances of all disciplines (art, music, comedy, dance, anything else amazing) that are hella rad in Toronto.

She was asked to host the event on an ongoing basis after performing as a guest stand-up comedian on the show in April 2019.

Here are upcoming shows:

  • July 25, 2019 @ The Gladstone Hotel

  • October 21, 2019 @ The Painted Lady



Arianne will tell a story about how she swiped right into a 9 month long-distance love at The Gladstone Hotel on July 23, 2019.

100% will likely regret.

100% chance of comedy.

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Maybe catch her working on some sketchy jokes around town in sometimes sketchy locations. Keep your expectations low and enjoy the show why don’t you? Don’t heckle me or I’ll heckle right back. Been practicing in the shower so you know I mean business, buddy.

Upcoming show alert! She will be performing in the Quarter Finals of Comedy Brawl in August TBD. Details to come…

Mondays: The Ossington @ 10PM
Wednesdays: The Wenona @ 8PM, Sarah’s @ 9PM, SOCAP @ 11PM
Fridays: Laughter Luau @ 9PM


Question everything trivia night // hosted by the ari’s

Not your average trivia night! Quiz your knowledge in Television, Movies, Music and World trivia - plus, skill testing activities to flex your competitive edge (*using all your senses*)! Intrigued? Good! Bring a few pals (and if you don't have any, come along and we'll pair you up!) Compete to win drinks and bragging rights!

Hosted by Arianne Tong and Ari Xenarios, Question Everything Trivia Night at Sidestreet Bar is the best damn way to spend a Wednesday evening!

Next show is July 10, 2019!
Tickets Here.