A Resume

Your Girl’s Got

Nothing To Hide.

Although, does saying I have nothing to hide make me more suspicious?
You can let me know what your first impressions were during the interview…

Aside from charming my peers with child-like wonder, whimsy, and strong dank meme game
- I am dead serious about ever-expanding my love and understanding of film, television, brand identity and people.

I've had the opportunity to work with incredible brands and organizations to increase sales, awareness, and engagement by changing the way things have always been done and introducing new processes, platforms and campaigns that stand out.

Since I’ve become a freelance professional, I’ve put my skills to use copywriting for small businesses and established community hubs alike, while also building my presence in the comedy community as a performer and writer. This being my ultimate goal, the opportunities I’m choosing to take on at the moment (big and small roles inclusive) are those in comedy, film & television or otherwise in the performative arts.

Below is a summary of the work I’ve done in my professional and personal life that
I’m most proud of to date.

- AT

Host, Writer, Producer

I created Group Therapy Podcast to explore topics regarding mental health with a comedic spin. It’s a positive look at the trials, tribulations and traumas that we carry with us everyday; the ones that burden us with shame and anxiety. I interview comedians and therapists to talk about topics where mental health, culture and comedy intersect. Also, we drink cocktails and crack jokes. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

Queer Culture Writer

As a resident writer for the queer culture hub YOHOMO, I share my perspective and experience in the LGBTQ+ community. This has been a fantastic opportunity to learn more about why diversity in our society is so important, and being able to share that my evolving perspective and voice to a larger audience.

Host & Producer

Girl Gang Cabarets is a Toronto based variety show that showcases and supports queer, female and non-binary artists of all disciplines. After performing a 20 minute comedy set at The Painted Lady, I was invited by co-creators Chelsea Preston & Steph Crothers as the resident host for all upcoming events, making us a multiple threat trio focused on growing our community of open-minded and (fun af) movers and shakers. Our next shows are July 18th @ The Gladstone Hotel and October 21st @ The Painted Lady.


In the fast moving world of wireless telecommunications, Virgin Mobile Canada once relied on PDFs distributed nation-wide to branded locations and affiliate partners to educate sales people on pricing changes, business updates and value propositions. Working with my counterpart at Bell Mobility, leading a team of two, and engaging my colleagues cross-functionally, we were able to transition all VMC communications to a new digital platform accessible by all business partners, improving SEO and sales resolution times in stores and call centres, and designing an on-brand portal that maintains the Virgin voice and aesthetic. This project received an Execution Excellence Award for optimizing in-store and call centre experience. 

VIRGIN MOBILE: "Go Team" Onboarding Experience

Addressing a 2 week gap between hiring of corporate sales reps and their first day of work, I engaged recruitment, retail execution, and design teams to introduce a new process including automated MailChimp communications, and a Squarespace microsite featuring industry information, brand history, promo reels, value proposition, and a surprise & delight gift all meant to educate the sales reps and turn them into engaged and loyal brand ambassadors prior to their first day on the job. A "Member Benefits" Flash quiz was created and featured as part of the microsite to highlight differentiating value from our competitors in the wireless industry. Since implementation, the new process has received praise and the Bell Mobility Execution Award (quarterly) for getting reps up to speed faster and in a more friendly way. Check it out here. (Pssst...Ask me for the password.)

HBO CANADA: "Marathoner" Campaign

In order to stop churn and increase subscribers, with my team, I developed a campaign centered around marathon watching to highlight our premium critically-acclaimed series worth binge-watching. The campaign activation toured 47 sales channels across Canada reaching 18,000 sales reps, and engaged sales agents with stations resembling a marathon checkpoint, where popcorn, snacks, beverages and free trial cards were distributed with pamphlets reinforcing product value and sales tools connecting subscribers to specific programming in keeping with the marathon theme. To support this effort on a consumer level, we worked cross-functionally with our programming and affiliate partners to offer episodes and full seasons of key titles to engage potential subscribers in shows they could seriously invest in - including Game of Thrones, Ballers, Girls, Crashing, The Night Of, and Big Little Lies. These cumulative efforts saw an increase in subscribership in Q2 2017.

HBO CANADA: Westworld
"Live Without Limits" Campaign

To support the series premiere of Westworld, I led ideation and execution of a face recognition app created with the help of third-party vendors (The Canadian Nerd & Patio Interactive). The app featured a Cowboy, Southern Belle, and Wanted Sign filter, and was used in-stores and in call centres across Canada. Activation visitors could take their photo with the app, post it to social media, and received a printed copy with a photo stand. In addition, I coordinated advanced screenings of the first episode for executive audiences which took place in four cities (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax) simultaneously. Branded bolo ties, horseshoe bottle openers, bandanas, and cowboy hats were distributed as prizing and swag. 

HBO CANADA: "Defend The Wall"
Rogers National Sales Conference

Rogers Sales Agents and Executives nationwide visited Toronto for a National Sales conference where hundreds of vendors set up booths to (1) reinforce brand value, (2) increase brand awareness, and (3) engage an influential audience. We engaged MetaVrse to help us create a VR experience that put visitors in the world of Game of Thrones, and followed up that engagement to remind our audience about the breadth of past, returning and upcoming HBO series on our service available for subscribers to easily and seamlessly immerse themselves in. The booth was the most visually engaging and most visited at the conference, achieving all three of our objectives.

Branding & Marketing Campaign

In addition to my duties at Bell Media (HBO Canada, The Movie Network, Crave TV), I worked as a volunteer with Art Spin, Small World Music, and Trip to the Moon to execute brand aesthetic, print and distribute marketing collateral, and coordinate digital (EyeReturn) and OOH advertising (Pattison) for the festival's first and only year at Ontario Place. The attention this festival received through marketing, social and PR efforts resulted in coverage by outlets including The Toronto Star, Vice Media, and The New York Times, as well as led to the revitalization of the previously abandoned Ontario Place venue as a re-imagined community space for music and the arts. More about In/Future here.

Marketing & Partnerships

Again, working with Trip to the Moon and Wavelength Music, I helped coordinate and execute partnerships with festival sponsors, and deliver on agreement promises including writing social posts, newsletter blogs, and on-site execution of branded activations. Sponsors included Indie88, NOW Magazine, Exclaim! Magazine, Gibson's Whisky, Steam Whistle, Pommies Cider, Hogtown Vegan, Urbane Cylist, Fanny Factory and more. I also helped coordinate camp kits which were used in partner social contesting, and were worn by volunteers and staff on-site all weekend long. More #CampWL photos here.


In work and in life, I am the self-elected (then actually elected) president of the social committee. In a nutshell, one of my prized strengths is starting literal and metaphorical conga lines (one of which is pictured below). The above career highlights are somehow eclipsed by the simple satisfaction I get out of bringing a rag-tag group of people together, and turning them into a work family, a life squad, and sometimes both.

At Virgin Mobile Canada, I started planning internal events for our team which already had a strong existing culture before I was formally asked to plan them for our entire company (Ice Cream Day, Churro Day, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween Fortune Telling, Massage Day, and countless dinners because food is the best).

At Bell Media, I assembled and led a team of volunteers, demonstrated the need for a social committee, and as a team we have bought fun and new friendships to people across our organization with surprise and delight days, and planned appreciation breakfasts.

In travel, I have adventured to Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hawaii, Australia, California, Boston, New York, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the Azores, England, Belgium, France, Holland, Guyana, Barbados, Bahamas, Cuba, Aruba, Mexico and more. Beyond the landmarks and landscapes, the thing I most enjoy out of travel is sharing my experience with new people from all over the world and creating and adding to an 'international squad' that I frequently keep in touch with and visit.

In life, the people I have met at work and on the road have often become my best friends. It's through working in and exploring different cultures at home and abroad that I have developed my understanding and love of humanity, how humans can work together, and how they can create magical experiences together.