I spent the better part of last week working on outlines to the third, and hopefully final, version of my book. It’s a humour memoir with actual advice on how to reclaim your voice and show up in the world, rising above what’s expected of you. I’ve needed to write this book in 3 waves; that’s why there are 3 versions.

First, I needed to write it because my Dad died, and I wanted to know how we could be happy in a world where we can do everything according to the checkboxes we need to tick, and still have your life blow up. It was called ‘It’s Happening’.

Second, I needed to write this book because I was bored are work, and feeling so lousy and out of my element, I needed to know what it was to be doing all the ‘adult’ things and still feel like a flaming dumpster fire chaotically figuring out gender, sexuality, and self acceptance from the confines of a cubicle and a series of overpriced 100 sq ft apartments. It was called “Adult-Sized”.

Third, I need to write this book about what I’ve learned in the dumpster fire of my twenties, and share it with people who are still sorting out their own. That one key insight is how we can shed all the expectations that have been put on us, shed the expectations that we’ve put on ourselves, and share our truest voice with the world. It’s called ‘Please Don’t Tell My Mom’.

The outlines are back and front pages, hand written, and come from a review of both versions of the book, the first of which I started in 2013. It’s been a minute. Finally, I have a tight 10 chapters and relevant anecdotes (and a the down to earth, weathered yet optimistic sense of humour) to carry it off. It’s a fine balance to be real, real inspiring AND real funny. I’m going to give it a go.

This month is national novel writing month. I’m hoping to put a real dent in it by then, god know I have the time (hopefully the patience too). If anyone sees me out of the apartment this week, you throw water in my face and tell me to get back to work. Also, please buy my book when it’s out.

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