I Got Laid! OK, 'Laid Off', But Still...

So the adventure begins! After working at Bell for almost 7 years (4 years at Virgin Mobile, and 3 at Bell Media), they finally did it - they pushed me into off the ledge and into the blue sparkling waters of freelancing below. If you’ve ever been cliff diving, you know the feeling of being on the edge looking down, wondering if this is the last mistake you’ll ever make. Then you do it, and it’s either a rush of exhilaration and a relief to feel yourself floating again, or you could just bust your face open on a pile of rocks. Thankfully, during my meeting with HR, I had a feeling of relief and total self-assuredness that this was exactly what needs to happen to manifest all the other amazing creative work I’ve been doing off the side of my desk for over 4 years. This feels like a graduation, and I could not be more grateful for the skills and allies I made in my old life as I move into my next one.

Arianne Tong - Creator.

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