QUICK I DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME. T-MINUS 27 DAYS TO LAUNCH GROUP THERAPY PODCAST & 28 DAYS TILL I GO TO ASIA FOR A WORKING VACATION. I have so much shit to do and thank god I’m having such a blast doing it. I feel like I have my dream job, but even dream jobs are stressful.

Quick update on progress:

  • 6 Episodes recorded

  • Booking comedians continues! (reach out to my insta, or to to pitch a podcast topic or apply to be a guest)

  • Organized 2 interviews in LA during my stopover to Asia.

  • Reviewed 1st round of creative with Madison Newey Designs

  • Promos (Audio and Video) shot on Monday, released mid-month

  • We have the opportunity to take over Tuesdays at Sidestreet Bar, so we are planning a variety show like none other in the city! + Stand Alone pop-up events to support the cause!

  • Developing a social media plan and post schedule for 3 months out (similar to production schedule

  • Finalized the intro/outro music, created by Andre Shenkman + the editing process has begun.

Those are the main nuggets but really there are so many little tiny things that need to get done (on top of packing for my trip, and on top of the Holiday madness that has ensued). Gasp for breath. I’m sorry to end this so abruptly but…I gotta go.

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