The Exciting World of Freelance

It’s been a week since I’ve been laid off, and having time to decompress for a day at home with my Mum and my dog, I’ve jumped right back into creative projects to keep myself more than just a little busy.

The biggest challenge for me has always been sitting down and focusing. I suspect we all have a little bit of ADHD, and mine feels a little like a bouncy castle full of puppies, glitter, and bourbon. I am a fun times magnet.

Freelance life, for me, will need to be semi-structured if I don’t want to be homeless living under a bridge by the time my severance dwindles out. So, I’ve taken precautions!

STEP 1: Live and die by the calendar.
If it’s not in my calendar, it’s dead to me. I put everything in here now and plan my upcoming week projects the week before.

STEP 2: Use Task Managers in addition to a notebook.
I love lists. They keep me on track and you just feel productive AF crossing things off lists ( or is that just me?) I use my task manager Asana to manage little tasks, and recurring tasks to keep me on schedule and to remind me of the little things that can get lost in the shuffle.

STEP 3: Keep writing these bulletins
I't’s important for me to keep writing these not only to let you know what I’m up to, but for my own sanity to hold myself accountable to manifesting all the things I hope to accomplish. By writing these, I’m reinforcing the progress I’m making.

I’ll end it there. Next post I will share more about the specific projects I have on the go and my next steps.

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