Going 'Dark' & Avoiding Distractions

Some time and distance from distractions are required for a writer. I first discovered this on a 10 Day Meditation Retreat earlier this year, and am discovering it again now.

We live in a world of constant buzzing and distraction at the tips of our fingers. I’ve stoped to write this 5 times already to check my text messages. Not even because it’s dinged, but because my monkey mind is anxiously awaiting a response, if not hoping and praying for a distraction. Writers (at least, this writer) are lazy. We are human like the rest of the world that works, and our work happens within the mind. Creative work is, at best, exhausting even without the constant distraction from phones, facebook and instagram - the tools that digital writers rely on for distribution.

This week has been challenging in terms of keeping my concentration on my work rather than trying to fill every silent moment with ‘content’. Memoir is isolating, and I feel that sometimes instead of staying with uncomfortable story threads and pushing through, it can be easier to check my phone, or take meetings instead of actually doing the work. I’m working on disciplining myself to stay with the work, creating goals I can reach before rewarding myself with distraction.

A big thing for me is turning off all notifications, and allotting a set amount of hours and days towards specific projects, and keeping up to date with my task manager Asana. Another thing is remaining patient with myself when I slip up because, after all, it’s only human to err.

Arianne TongComment