Creativity Explosions!

It’s amazing what you can do when you have 8 hours of your life back. You can start writing a book, organize the sh*t out of a podcast web series, and go to the gym at 10:30 AM when you don’t have to share it with a single grunting, objectifying soul. Life is beautiful.

I’ve been working away on those projects while doing some freelancing on the side, and I’ve been getting so much encouragement by my new collaborators that I’m super motivated to move forward!

Last week I did a live Q&A on instagram with a friend @unattachedandunbothered, and we discussed all the stuff people are normally afraid to discuss in public, no shame. It was so much fun. So fun, in fact, that I’m adopting the format of chatting in bed with a guest on my new podcast ‘Group Therapy’.

Group Therapy (launching in January 2019, is an interview series that invites comedians into my bed to chat about a specific subject related to mental health and life, with a therapist weighing in on the issue who is also seated in the room. Fun, right?! It’ll be on your phones and on YouTube. I’ve had so many amazing responses to this idea (and told so many people about it) I would be shamed if I didn’t follow through. My own therapist has signed on and rallied her colleagues to be involved - so I can’t back out…I’m not ready to switch therapists. Not now. Not ever!

Gearing up to start recording on Sunday, so it’s taken a lot of prep work and time to get everything organized:

  • Creating a Set

  • Organizing Guests / Coordinating Schedules

  • Setting Expectations

  • Creating a Discussion Outline (for Hosting)

  • Locking down an amazing designer

  • Locking down an amazing sound artist

  • Learning some tricks on After Effects

  • Mentally preparing to be seen by the world! (#TerrifiedButReady)

I’m so excited I could scream. But I won’t because my neighbours already give me dirty looks for what goes on here.

Last week I posted about by booky book that I’m writing in tandem. I have an editor to help me fine tune the thoughts and direction as I finish each chapter. This is helpful because her looming presence holds me accountable to actually get the damn thing done (even if I am a bit distracted by the podcast atm.

In summation: Creative explosions everywhere! Good for business. Poor for my sleep schedule. Will keep you posted.

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