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Get Over Your Self

‘Who I am’ is just a story I’ve been struggling to maintain since realizing my reflection didn’t match the expectations of my surname, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I am a walking case of bewilderment to many whom, even though I'm grown and know better, I always feel like I'm on the hook to explain myself to. When we’re kids, we learn to build up ideas about ourselves in comparison to others. As adults, we continue to do this by holding on and repeating scripts based on early experiences that get translated into our ‘personal brand’.

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The Principles of Life Design: Creating Conditions to Thrive

Recently, I've been binge-watching Netflix's new series, Abstract and pseudo-religiously listening to NPR's How I Built This. This has been a great exercise in growing my confidence, and blind faith in follow-through. Each episode of either show focuses on an industry leader in design and/or enterprise, walks you through their creative process, and recounts the trials they faced time and time again as novices, eventually landing them at the top of the heap becoming household names. Often the leaders we look up to start off as no different than you and I - but something happened.  They decided to keep going, as if it was the only way, and as if they already were great, and often in spite of their feelings of incompetence.  

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The Happiness Hypothesis

I've always wanted to write a book.  I just realized that, last month, when I cleared my whole room out and took a really good look at all the copious notes I would write, and leave scattered underneath my bed to collect dust.  They were mostly lists, and usually, lists of goals.  Since I am an achievement junkie, I often spend time writing lists of the things I most want to get out of my life.  Every time I cross something off, there is always something else to take it's place.  Yet, the things that keep reappearing on my lists, time after time, are all the important things - the things that scare me the most, and the things that most people believe that I can't achieve (and for some reason, I've let myself be convinced of that too).

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