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Part II: The Monkey Mind & More BS

It is incredible what the mind will resurrect when it is totally and completely free of distraction. Well, most distractions. ‘Vipassana Camp’ (it’s like ‘band camp’ for spiritual folk), is sex-segregated with women on one side of the property grounds, and men on the other. Clearly this separation does very little to mitigate distractions of the queer-identified and curious individuals who sign on to this particular brand of zen torture. I’m fairly certain I fell in love with the back of someone’s head, and a pair of hands dishing out Mung Bean Curry...

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Part I: The Vipassana Experience

A duffel bag, a backpack, two pairs of loose joggers, three sweaters, a warm blanket and a thermos. This would be all I’d need for 10 whole days. I took one last look at my Parkdale condo before meeting my ride-share downstairs, and had a strange, familiar feeling. It was a feeling I’d felt before, just hours before my Dad passed away - the day I woke up, and something in me knew that something was going to change that day.

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The Principles of Life Design: Creating Conditions to Thrive

Recently, I've been binge-watching Netflix's new series, Abstract and pseudo-religiously listening to NPR's How I Built This. This has been a great exercise in growing my confidence, and blind faith in follow-through. Each episode of either show focuses on an industry leader in design and/or enterprise, walks you through their creative process, and recounts the trials they faced time and time again as novices, eventually landing them at the top of the heap becoming household names. Often the leaders we look up to start off as no different than you and I - but something happened.  They decided to keep going, as if it was the only way, and as if they already were great, and often in spite of their feelings of incompetence.  

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