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Get Over Your Self

‘Who I am’ is just a story I’ve been struggling to maintain since realizing my reflection didn’t match the expectations of my surname, ethnicity or sexual orientation. I am a walking case of bewilderment to many whom, even though I'm grown and know better, I always feel like I'm on the hook to explain myself to. When we’re kids, we learn to build up ideas about ourselves in comparison to others. As adults, we continue to do this by holding on and repeating scripts based on early experiences that get translated into our ‘personal brand’.

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Doesn't Look Like Anything To Me: How 'Westworld' is Showing Us What Resistance Looks Like

Westworld is a futuristic story that, with technological advances being made on a daily basis, doesn’t seem that far-fetched or fantastical in the way that audiences assumed after watching these envisioned futures of sci-fi in the 60’s or 70’s. In the past, a main theme in science fiction has focused on suggesting how technology will advance and impact mankind.  Today, technology is ever-present and as much a part of us than ever.  The reality that the technology proposed in Westworld doesn’t challenge our beliefs about technological evolution suggests that contemporary viewers are, instead, being challenged to think about how the fictional world of Westworld relates to our own, and how the behavioural norms that structure those worlds frames our experience, and how we respond when those frames are disrupted.

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