How To Festival, The Right Way

One of the things I confirmed this summer is how much I love festivals, and I will share some valuable tips I've picked up over the years on how to successfully rage out like a seasoned festival go-er, even without doing drugs or significant alcohol consumption (although I'm certainly not judging you if that's your path).  Then, I'll get into why I think festivals are sacred.

 5.) Get Your Best Friends & Go.


What's a festival without pals?  I'm a bit of a one woman wolf pack in general, and if you're like me, you manage to make friends easily.  However, it's so much more fun, and less risky if you have a base group of wing-men & wing-women to lean on for support.  Festivals are adventures, and it's easier to get the most out of it when you have a team of like-minded men and women to amp up the fun level.

4.) Don't Let Creeps Latch Onto You

Example of an Internet Creep.

Festivals are about being open to information and people.  There will come a time where you make a merger with another group.  This can be a crucial point in the series of events that will unfold, and you want to make sure that these people are worth the time you'll invest in them.  I mean, generally, anyone that's had too much alcohol is a bit of a creep, but following your intuition will keep you out of people who are REALLY trouble.  For example, if the answer to any of these questions is 'YES' then you should steer clear of spending more than 5 minutes in the company of new people:

  • Do I sense any sort of negativity from these people?
  • Do these people make me feel uncomfortable?
  • Do these people seem to attract or enjoy drama?
  • Do these people only derive joy from excessive intoxication?
  • Do I understand the words that are coming out of this person's mouth?
  • Do I get a rapey vibe from this group of people?
  • Do these people look like they would use dark magic on me?
  • Are these people capable of kidnapping me and harvesting my organs?

Just a few things to think about.  Your call.

3.) Wear Comfortable & BRIGHT Clothing

Festivals are wild by nature & you are going to get dirty.  As for footwear, it is important that you wear something comfortable that you don't mind ruining.  You will get covered in mud, possibly rained on, and the occasional spilly drinker.  I recommend finding a pair of inexpensive plastic flip flops that won't chaff your feet.  As for clothing, my suggestion is that you wear something nice that stands out, but you don't mind trashing since it's likely that it'll get ruined or at least compromised anyways.  If it's hot out (which it always is in the summer now anyways) you'll wanna wear something that breathes a lot.  The less clothing you have, the better.  Chances are, you are going to get sprayed with water at some point, so wearing swimwear underneath your surface attire would be advisable.  I say to wear something bright because you won't feel as hot when you're wearing it.  White and neon colours have sort of a triple purpose, as they cut down on heat, have a glow in the dark effect, and fit the psychology of a tried and true festival.  Bright colours are uplifting and positive.

Good To Know:

Don't bring a purse; only bring the essentials.  I've become quite taken with reviving the fanny pack into my festival gear.  It beats bringing a purse, or shoving things in my bra; it gives me more leverage to frolic and be boundless! 

2.)  Dance Till You Can't Dance Anymore, Then Dance Some More.

Ever heard the saying "Dance Like Nobody's Watching"? Do it.  Festivals are about the only time for some people to let loose and actually have some fun.  Everyone can dance.  Everyone may not be "the best" dancer, but everyone has a body, and everyone can listen to music, and everyone can move their body HOWEVER THEY WANT to the sound of that music.  It doesn't matter if you have no one to dance with, just get into it if the music is good.  The feeling of getting so into into a song that you forget your surroundings is a special feeling, and something achievable without a drop of alcohol.  You just have to let yourself go despite the people around you.  No one is even watching you anyways, so the pressure is off.  Usually, everyone is too consumed with how THEY look to notice anyone else around them.  I like to dance like an idiot, combining Elaine Benice, Liz Lemon, Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, the Hustle, the Running man, excessive Vogueing, and traditional rave raging.  I always feel like death the next day, but I don't have to go to the gym for a month.  So it's ultimately a win.  Bottom line: be confident in your body, let loose and have the best time!

1.) Be Positive.

Festivals exist because they are community building and uplifting.  They combine all sorts of related visual and auditory experiences to a group of people that mutually appreciates them.  They are for learning, supporting the community, having fun with best friends, and making new ones.  Festivals aren't for being negative, they are for being hopeful and positive.  Weekend Warriors have enough to worry about during the week at our jobs, or in our personal lives.  Festivals are 2 Days (or more) out of the week where we can be kids again, have some laughs, have some new experiences, and run wild.  Being positive eventually turns into a lifestyle.  Start with festivals.  You won't regret it!