The Good News Is That Everyone Dies...

Yes, Drake.  YOLO.

I had a *


*.  Not JUST a "moment"... a *



What was this *



I was sitting in a comedy bar, when one of the comics made a joke about getting old.  I laughed, then I became very serious in the midst of everyone else's laughter.  I thought: one day, I'm


to be old.  One day, I won't be able to get out of bed - not because I don't want to, but because I actually CAN'T get out of bed.  One day, I'm going to take a last breath, and it'll all be over.

Scary, right?!  Actually, not so much.  Why? Because EVERYBODY dies.

I've often been afraid of dying, but I never thought why that was.  Obviously, you don't want to die because you don't know what comes next.  You don't want to be short-changed.  You don't want to leave everything and everyone you know.  Yet, most people, including myself till recently, waste all those days we have left being scared to do


because we are fearful, or worrisome that we will indeed waste the days we have left.

Um, that doesn't even make sense.  So, what I'm telling myself is to not do things that I want to do because I'm afraid that it'll be a waste of time?  Okay.  So, what would I do instead of doing all the things I REALLY want to do? more at my 9 - TV...go on Facebook to troll other people's "lives"...(list goes on)

Yep.  Seems like a valuable use of my time. 



The solution is simple.  Follow me for one second:

  1. We only have this much life to live:
  2. (born) |___________________________________________________| (die) 
  3. The problem is that we will never know where we are on the timeline.
  4. You can make the most of the time you have left if you assume and accept that the end is nigh, every single day.

Ever since my moment, I've been okay with the thought that one day, somehow, I'm going to die like the rest of you.  I don't mind it.  Everyone has to do it.  I don't know the point of life - if there's some question we need to answer by the end of all this - but frankly, I'm not terribly concerned with those sorts of unanswerable questions anymore.  Nor am I concerned with being "successful", finding my "passion", or finding "love".  Mostly because the thought of all those things makes me scared of failing, and I've seriously had it up to HERE with fear, worry, and regret.  I've found that life is amazingly responsive if you just focus on the little things that you love.  My theory is that those little things turn into big things that you love, and then that's


and then we die


No big deal.

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