Go With Your Gut, Because Fortune Favours The Bold & The Ballsy

Recently, I started going with my gut.  This new lifestyle change has led me into one of two places (or both) - undisputed knowledge regarding a given subject, or right into a box of Oreos.  I have zero complaints.

Well, I have one.  Going with your gut is really f#@king hard.  As a writer, "my thing" is

to write


  I can express most of what I need to say through written words, and it's because I am a creature of reflection.  I know this about myself; I can't respond instantaneously, because I need time to think about the


way that I want to say something.  That's all fine and well, but the story doesn't end there.  It gets complicated when my gut is telling me that I have to start doing the opposite of that - to just say and do the things that I know are right, and in my best interests, and stop dressing them up in (for the most part) grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs, for people that might not even deserve that courtesy.  I think this is a problem A LOT of people have.   

We let things get away from us because we don't tell people exactly how we feel right away; sometimes we keep things to ourselves so that people won't know how much we like them, admire them, or alternatively, how much they are hurting us.  Sometimes people treat us like afterthoughts, and we


them, because we don't show them any other way to treat us.  Meanwhile, we wait for them to figure out for themselves that their behaviour is either unacceptable, or confusing.  For a whole host of reasons, we are afraid to ask the questions

we want to ask

, because we're always afraid of looking "crazy", or "desperate", when all we really want to get at is the


Crazy (cra.zee): 

In a state of mind that

prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction


Desperate (des.per.ate)

: Feeling, showing, or involving a hopeless sense that a situation is so bad as to be impossible to deal with.

Irony (I.ron.ee): 

A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects, and is often amusing as a result

I'm on a perpetual search for truth and clarity, and if you are on the same mission, it's impossible to get there without being forthright, direct, and inquisitive.  Every successful person I know - whether it be professionally or personally - shares the common trait of being


enough to say exactly whats on their mind, and the ability to do that in a way that isn't overly aggressive.  The only way we can be


is if we aren't constantly trying to figure things out on our own - making assumptions, instead of going directly to the source, and obsessing about the alternate outcomes of any given situation.  Some people, like me or maybe even like you, have to try a little bit harder than other people to just SPIT IT OUT. 

Lately, going by my gut has cut out so much


inner debate & given me so much more time to focus on the things that are happening

right now -

time to enjoy the moments & things that are

actually happening

, rather than wondering why things are a certain way, or over-thinking what you really want to say to someone or some people.  I think that I enjoy the feeling of being "ballsy" & vulnerable because it takes the pressure off of me, and forces an answer - some kind of response - out of people, the world, and dare I say, the universe!  And at the very least you might find yourself at the bottom of a box of Oreos, and that s#!t is delicious. 

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