Last Days Are Magical*

I thought that once I got this new job I'd be able to live like a real hustler on a major money grind and keep working a day on the weekends for a little while.  Not so.  After two weeks of 9 - 5, the extra day tagged onto the weekend seemed like over kill.  This was particularly pronounced this morning, when it seemed like cruel and unusual punishment that I should have to wake up at 5:30AM on a Saturday to NOT do anything before 10AM anyways.  I knew from the very moment my alarm clock obnoxiously buzzed in my ear at such an ungodly time that my time at RONA, and in retail, was done.  I scribbled my resignation on a blank sheet of paper (

not toilet paper, which I had always fantasized I'd end my retail career

) and skipped off to work (

but not actually skipping, because nobody in their right mind's ever skips before 9 AM, duh


Then I realized how special last days are.  Why? Beceause you get to do whatever the F#@K you want to do.  Oh, Arianne where's your name tag? Arianne, don't go on your phone. Arianne, don't jump over the customer service desk.  Arianne, stop playing workplace Jenga - it's not a real game...and it's a safety hazard!

YOU'RE A SAFETY HAZARD! YOU ARE SO UNCOOL!  VIRGIN MOBILE LET'S ME DO ANYTHING I WANT TO DO! GOD! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS! I'M SICK OF THIS! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!  STOP HUMILIATING ME! *cough*  Side note: Workplace Jenga will remain a Tong founded Rona tradition, kept alive and thriving by my successor in "super awesome fun times" -

Kathryn G


Anyways, the point is that I took advantage of my unique position, by doing as little as possible, whilst breaking as many rules as possible within reason (I am, at least, a half-decent person, after all).  I think it was the right time for me to go.  Remember how I said things are all about timing?  (I said it in my last post, check it out, slackers.)  Well, after 2 weeks of not going into RONA, I returned to see they had taken the liberty of raiding everyone's locker, and throwing out all of their belongings.  Umm, a phone call would have been nice, for the people who haven't been around to read the memo.

Anyways, everything in my locker was thrown out, and the combination lock I've been using since my very first day of

high school

was cut in all the chaos.  I know it's an inanimate object, but I often get sentimental about


The remind me a people I've adventured with, and places I've been; they are what I hold onto to remember who I was, and if they stick around long enough, I have this habit of letting them become a part of who I am.

Character Flaw



I think this instance was the universe (yes, the universe) reaffirming me of what I already knew: phases in life have beginnings and endings, and the middle parts feel like they are never going to


end.  Sometimes we can try to hold onto those phases for fear of moving forward - fear of the unknown, and fear of losing familiarity.  But life happens.  Sometimes, it'll break your lock, take all your shit and throw it out.  And that feels

so frustrating

and even


.  But even if you don't realize it, it's making space in your life to collect new things - to be


than you were before if you just

have faith


go with it.

  I feel like a broken record, but honest to God, if I could get anyone number of you to take this worldview seriously and ACTUALLY give it a try, I would feel satisfied.  I want you all to live and feel like Disney characters, even though it will probably annoy the fuck out of everyone you come in contact with (but that's their problem).

Last days are magical because they close and open doors - when old things are overshadowed by the 'new', and life begins to write itself again.  It's a cycle of stories that compile into something like a book. 

Oh, hold up...I'm just getting to the good part.

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