Follow The Signs, Follow Your Destiny

My name is Arianne Tong, and I believe in signs.  I believe in fate, and the universe somehow making some greater sense and having some greater meaning.  It is incomprehensible to me that the things that happen, happen out of sheer coincidence in a series of unconnected random events.  Perhaps its the romantic in me, but I just can't believe that I'm blindly going through each day waiting for nothing to happen.

I will never complain about my life not being exciting enough, because its always action-packed with lot of laughs and some tears, but more often than not, things usually just work out. 

I believe in fate because whenever I need something, the universe always gives it to me.  Whenever I don't need something, the universe takes it away - even if I still want it.  But always, the universe gives me what I need, so even when it takes away things that I've grown to love - it always replaces it with an opportunity to love something else.

This week I decided once and for all that I'm not going to think about change.  Change has bombarded my life a lot lately.  Everything is changing.  I'm changing, my family is changing, my friends are changing, and my "career" is changing.  I really shouldn't have tempted fate and told life to "bring it on". The universe is always listening, people. 

I always say how I hate change, and I think I've historically hated it for good reason.  I mean, change means leaving behind some things and some people that you love - things and people you thought you wouldn't have to say goodbye to so soon.  But looking back on the changes that have happened in my life before recently, those same changes led to some of the best things that ever happened to me.  The point I'm trying to make to you, and also myself, is that sometimes when life seems to take a turn for the worse, it probably only means that there are even better things on the horizon; things that, in order to be amazing, need space to grow, even though that, in it's own right, can hurt really, really bad.

So, I believe in signs.  I believe that when things are supposed to work out, they will and they'll work out for as long as they are supposed to.  I believe that if you follow the signs, they will lead you to wherever you need to be, and whoever you need to love, to eventually make sense of this crazy mixed up world.  I think that the things that come into your life when you need them are signs; they are the universe answering your call for something else. 

I think that the universe has provided me with an overwhelming amount of signs and lessons in fate recently, and I think I'd be a fool if I didn't follow the startlingly obvious map that it's providing for my life, even though it may seem preposterous and unrealistic to others that I would live my life according to the whimsical nature of "signs".  What those people don't realize, for some reason, is that I am preposterous.  I am unrealistic.  I am whimsical.  I am romantic.  And I can't imagine a life where I'm not all of those things and more.  So, if I have to change a little bit, and give up somethings in favour of fate prevailing - then I'm all for the risk.  Whatever is meant to last, will stay. 

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