Some People are Black Holes

When I was reforming my dumbass ways in University, I decided that if I wanted to be smart, I needed to care about learning and I needed to learn about smart things.  I chose Outer Space.  It interested the hell out of me, and for months I dedicated my life to watching documentaries and downloading lectures about astronomy and the universe.  I was addicted to Stephen Hawking and Nova specials, and came damn close to changing my major to Astrophysics - until I realized I needed to take math for that and decided to stick with my aptitude for the Arts instead.  Anyways, it was during this time that I learned what a black hole was.

In brief, a black hole is a star that has died; a star that has faded, burned out, and subsequently collapses on itself creating a massive vacuum of space, ripping matter from space into its void and absorbing all the universes matter likeintergalactic garbage eco-friendly.

Anyways, the point of the matter (no pun intended) is that black holes kind of have a purpose, even though we aren't so sure the full extent of that purpose yet - they absorb energy as the universe is constantly expanding and creating new energy.

Now, here's where my analogy begins: some people are like black holes.  Have you ever met someone who experiences more misfortune than the average person?  I've met a few; there are some people who seem to always be experiencing something unfortunate, whether it be injuries, allergies, miscellaneous accidents, lawsuits, divorce and other relationship issues, joblessness, medical complications etc.  For some people, there is always something wrong.

I call these people black holes.

I can only speculate how a person becomes a black hole, and that is much like how an actual black hole is formed - self destruction.  I think that when we are born, we aren't predestined to experience a certain amount of pain or pleasure; we all have the same potential to live a well balanced life.  Life never stops changing, for better or for worse, and everything depends on how we respond to and perceive the changes that happen to us - whether we resolve to play the role of the victor or, alternatively, the victim.

Victims feed themselves pity, and never grow from misfortune; they only absorb misfortune and continually perceive them as negative experiences.  Someone like this is not actually living - they are already dead like zombies, and therefore, are a threat to living things, particularly victors.

Victors are resilient as stars - in fact, another awesome tidbit of information learned on my universal inquiry was that humans are made of the same elements as stars, but in different consistencies, obviously.  Victors radiate, where black holes absorb; they are a source of energy necessary for life, where black holes are hell bent on ending it, like a death wish.

So, how does one cease to be a black hole?  I'm not quite sure it's reversible, so I'll ask a second question: how does one remain a star?  I'd answer that by suggesting that you persevere through all experiences without labelling them.  Things happen to everyone; we all have our fair share of ups and downs.  Sometimes, things happen that we don't really deserve - living a good life doesn't mean that you are impervious to misfortune, and living a bad life doesn't mean you are going to suffer.  There are plenty of instances where good people have to deal with undesirable situations, and bad people who seem to coast through life.  Victors can be good or bad, but what they have in common is that they take life as it comes and instead of merely absorbing what can be understood as "negative experience", they internalize it, and exchange it with the appropriate amount of energy required for them to keep on living.  Quite simply, they don't just take life lying down and let it fade them, but rather, they respond to life like an active conversation that has its ebbs and flows, and keep on living.

In conclusion, if you are a star, please avoid the black holes; you have the freedom and choice to run if necessary.  If you are a black hole, in the future, please try not to suck so much?