Lost and Found

We're all lost. Every single one of us. We are searching for answers in different places and by different means. No life is the same, but one thing remains - we are always searching for the meaning of things - trying to make sense of things, of life.

Why are we here? No one knows; know one CAN know. We drop out of the sky into some place we've never been with people who are different from us, yet strangely familiar. We must survive. Somehow, survive. Using what we've got as we figure out the mechanics of this place we've been stranded together on. We don't always get along. Sometimes we hate each other - we cannot understand each other and quarrel. We sometimes divide, but divided we are not as strong as we are together. We must live together or die alone.

There are men of science, and men of faith. There are those of all backgrounds, that create boundaries of communication. We must work through as a group to understand one another. We may recognize those who are different as "others", but when we know them, truly know them, our similarities outweigh our differences, and there is only "us" - an integrated us, working together towards a common goal: to understand this strange world, to protect it, or to go back home.

Time seems to be a triviality, the past and future is always marked by a search for knowledge about the mysteries of life and its secrets. There are those who will do anything to tap into this knowledge; they want to drill and take this energy as their own. They want to capitalize, even though they don't have a right to it - even though it is potentially more dangerous to know than to just accept that it is there and protect it. It is from these people we learn that the search for knowledge can come at a great cost.

There is the darkness that follows us, that threatens us when we are most vulnerable. It is looming over every person, a threat to those who do not know themselves. But the darkness will try to ruin the strongest of us, for no reason but to say that it could. The darkness is only human. It is the obstacle of negativity and fear that is the most important part of the human experience. Without it, we'd never learn to be ourselves; we'd never know what it means to be human.

In the end, all the numbers and science seem irrelevant. We don't need them to know, because we always know. We carry around the answer all the time, in our heart and minds. We all knew each other at some time and some place, and we chose to make this place together so we could work out the things we needed to work out. We need learn and experience these lessons to grow as individuals and eventually let go. Life has its obstacles, which present themselves at random, and in unique and unprecedented ways. They are always unlike what we have experienced before. We are always connected to the souls we experience life with, although we may differ in appearance, or occupation. We repeat experiences until we get them right - the way we want them to be, and finally, when we get it right, and remember what we all decided, we can move on. To another time, and other experiences, together, where we'll figure it all out again.

Inspired by the amazing television show "LOST".

Arianne TongComment